Search Engine Optimization

Benefits of SEO

Increase Web Traffic And Qualified Leads


Organic Search Traffic

Organic traffic consists of viewers who find your website through a search engine. To properly guide this traffic, your website should be effectively optimized. There are approximately 63,000 Google searches performed every second, and with First Search Results, your business can compete for those search results.


Generates Leads

SEO is one of the most cost-effective ways to grow your online presence. SEO allows you to get in front of people who are looking for your product or service, have searched for the specific terms related to your post or listing and end up on your website. As such, these leads are primed and ready to commit. 


Brand Awareness

A first-page ranking on Google increases your visibility and your authority. Once First Search Results is able to optimize your content to match search queries, you should see an increased number of clicks, which will continue to grow your engagement and trustworthiness levels. The momentum created by your SEO strategy can start a chain of events that leads to greater brand awareness.


Get Clients Into Your Office

SEO isn’t just for online businesses. The “near me” search option on Google uses an individual’s location to determine the service that best fits their search query. According to Google, 88 percent of people who perform “near me” searches on mobile will visit the store within one week, and 76 percent will visit within a day. That’s a lot of new customers to be gained through the right SEO strategy!

The Skills You need on your side

Business-Boosting Benefits of SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) can provide businesses with many benefits, including increased web traffic and more qualified leads coming through the sales funnel. At its core, SEO has the potential to bring more organic attention to your business. Being that the majority of searches come through Google, SEO focuses heavily on ranking high in its search results. In today’s hyper-connected world, website visitors expect to find the answers they’re searching for within the first few results. To effectively boost traffic, your web page should aim to be in the top ten results — the higher your page appears, the more click-throughs you will likely get.

Working with Sean and Brandy has been a true game changer for our business. We started getting calls from prospects that were ready to buy. MUCH better than anything we have tried in the past.

Tony A Rental Car Agency Owner

Our market is difficult for most lead providers. Our location & demographic makes it difficult because the clientele has to be very specific. Sean and his team have nailed it from day 1.

Jeff Insurance Agent

I run our companies marketing department and working with Sean & Brandy and the team at Converted Media has been amazing. They deliver on time, every time, and they know this space better than anyone I have worked with. The results speak for themselves.

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    Our performance is what keeps our clients not contracts. We pride ourselves with 97% retention rates over 12 month period and no contracts for clients to sign. 

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